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Training program for 200m challenge
hi i'm new in this forum.
my name is Diego and i'm an italian guy (22 years old).
i would ask you advices (or maybe more than that Big Grin) for a 200 m challenge that will be probably in january 2008.
my aim is to reach a time < 25 sec.
my time is of 27.5 sec.
i must say that i have not the possibility to train all the week ( 3 times a week is the best i can do) cause of my outdoor job.
i'm not a very well trained athlete but i'm quite musculous,strong and willing to do my best.
can you create a program based on 3 training session per week to reach my goal?
i'm a semi-neophyte in this any advice will be gold for me.
thank you in advance

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