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Contest for 10,000,000 dollars!
This advertising contest is a contest where you go out and advertise. Once a member you referred, has joined, you PM me and tell me that, then I ask that person and verify. Once you do, you gain 1 point. First to 5 points wins.

To advertise you go to other forums (preferred method) and you put the link in your signature and in your profile first. The link of the forum which is . Then you go around and post trying to keep the link active in the forum. PM other users and tell them, and make some posts and include them in your threads. Also only do this in high traffic forums. You can also do this in blogs, different sites or tell people you know.

1 point: 15,000 dollars
2 points: 35,000 dollars
3 points: 100,000 dollars
4 points: 450,000 dollars
5 points: 10,000,000

5+ points: 15,000,000

Once the contest has officially ended, each person earns their points dollar total. 4 or 5 points awards only go to the first person to achieve them.

Good luck and get advertising.


Forum Team
We refer your site?
Yes, do so anyway you can.
I just posted in a bigtime gaming forum. get ready to watch the crowd come in. Smile
I just advertised in some yahoo chatrooms

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