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Protein Supplements
Protein supplements range from things like protein bars, protein shakes to yogurt or whey protein powder. The usual range is 15-30g of protein, while some consumations of whey protein powder for some may be 10-15g on some days, while some shakes contain up to 35g of protein.

The issue with protein supplements is potential harm to the kidneys. The extra protein can put pressure over time on the kidneys, however some studies have said other wise in some cases. What we know is pressure is put on the kidneys from high protein diets which include protein supplements. Some bars and yogurts contain too much sodium, therefore the why protein powder or shakes are better and wiser. To minimize this issue or to eliminate, only use protein supplements above 21g after very strenous exercise (including weight lifting), and only use them 5 days a week. Try to not use more than 30g of protein in a supplement, if you do, don't use other proteins in your diet through the day.

Now protein helps repaire muscles and build more tissues. There are 4 types of proteins, and two famous ones are whey protein and soy protein. Soy does contain estrogen, therefore for men, sta away from it. Whey coming from dairy protein products, is a great source of protein.

Keep in mind, use of protein supplements when your diet contains high amounts of red meat and other protein products, is of little use. 0.8g for adults per kg of bodyweight, 0.9-1.1 depending on physical activity for teens and maximum of 1.2g for any big athlete.

If you weigh 60kg, are 14 years old, you lift 3 times a week, train on the track 3 times a week and take a so-so day off, you should eat 65g of protein everyday, no less than 55 at the very minimum and 70g of the maximum. Achieve this by use of natural foods and dairy products, and take a supplement a measured to achieve 65g, if you already meet 60g or so, take 10g if you had very strenous exercise. Multivitamins should also be taken along with protein supplements.

*to be continued*

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