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Conditioning for soccer players
Often we see how soccer players are using long runs to better their endurance. This is of course wrong. Long runs can be helpful if done only during the off season, however during the season it slows you down.

The best way to condition soccer players, is tempo runs. They are usually moving back to forth through the field at a slower than their fastest pace. The way to develop this is by running tempo runs at 50-60% speed. Several runs done at this pace through sessions will condition you.

On the same session, you may throw in the ball and do tempo runs with that. You may also have a light practice session, however focus on tempo runs. Every 3 runs, do a run at 70-80% speed. Run 80-150m each run.

Im not a big soccer guy but I do have tips

Find a line or place a rope down and go back and forth to practice starts and stops.
To get a feel for the ball when being goalie, kick the ball around half the field and get someone to throw balls at your hands so you can get a feel for the ball and know what to expect.
For defenders you should be practicing running or simply stepping backwards as this can help you in game situations.
Before games never work yourself out too hard you can just kick the ball around/ or you can pass it in a circle with friends.
Always kick the ball at the goalie so they get a feel for the ball and so u dont injure them when they try and dive for the ball

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