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Forum Rules
The rules of this forum are simple and easy to follow.

1) No Swearing
2) No Abusive language
3) No Racism in any way
4) No Sexual contents or comments
5) No spamming
6) Advertising is NOT allowed in any shape or forum for sales, sites, forums or anything.
7) Maximum number of accounts allowed is one per user.
8) Respect other members.
9) Post in the right places.
10) Stay on Topic.
11) Shouting and Caps
12) Reporting Posts
13) Mod abuse and pretending to be Mod
14) Disclosing personal Info
15) Copyrighted Material
16) Claiming to be Public Figure
17) Undefined rules
18) Have fun!

1) Swearing and being rude is not tollerant and results in warning or suspension, keep it cool and don't swear.

2) Don't use offensive language that makes people feel bad or hurt, be nice to everyone.

3) Racism will not be a issue, but this is something that has zero tolerance in any shape or form. Racism always results in permenant banning.

4) No sexual comments or contents as this is a site intended for all ages. This will result in banning or long term suspension.

5) Spamming is a big issue in all forums and is something that will get you banned. Any post that is intentially posted twice in any part of this forum counts as spam and will be dealt with. Further offenses results in permenant I.P. banning.

6) No advertising will take place in this forum. This can be for businesses trying to make sales, trying to advertise a personal site or another forum. No posts or signatures can contain links or and type of information for advertising.

7) When you are posting, you are not allowed to go and make another account. You will only be able to make 2 accounts, however the second one is only allowed when you are banned.

8) Respect at a simple forum is what keeps a forum together, doing so will prevent anything not allowed in the rules. Please respect all members.

9) Post in the right places in the forum. Don't go and post something for basketball in soccer, keep everything organized.

10) When a conversation is going on, keep everything suitable and post contents appropriate for that thread. You are welcome to discuss what you wish in another thread.

11) Shouting and Caps can be used one certain words to point out certain important topics, however excessive use of them or exclamation marks is only annoying, please don't.

12) Reporting Posts is something we appreciate, however each and every reported post is addressed thoroughly and doing so more than once results only in a warning, only report something regardless of what it is once.

13) Mod abuse and/or pretending to be a mod is an offense. You may or may not disagree with the mod's choices of what to do in situations, and you can let us know by PM, however please do not post threads and make useless posts for your freedom of speech. Whatever you have done is based on these rules and so are the decisions made to deal with them. Pretending to be a mod is as well equally not tolerated if not less tolerated by us. Doing so results in misleading others into doing what you wish them to do, which may also result in further mod abuse as mentioned and we can not accept it. Don't pretend to be a mod or admin.

14) Disclosing personal Information such as your I.P address, your phone number or where you live (street address) is not acceptable. We want to make a safe community for members and not have anyone lurking to find you. Any personal info can go as far as your fact file or your profile, nothing more than that.

15) Copyrighted Material on this forum is any training article or any type of information written by an individual. This cannot be copied and pasted elsewhere, and if the articles given are seriously plagirised, your ISP will be contacted.

16) Claiming to be Public Figure is claiming you are a famous person and coming on here to do so. Unless you let us know by PM that you truly are with enough proof, you will be removed from this forum.

17) Undefined rules which are rules not specified on here but rather other things not age appropiate, minor rules, and other things which fit into common sense to do or not to do. Other things like trying to "hack" the forum or do some type of damage, will result in permenant deletion of your account

18) Having fun is the whole point of this Forum!

Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, suspension or banning depending on what your degree of rule breaking was. You may not always recieve a warning, this is your warning! Suspension and permenant banning will be used for serious offenses. If you are suspended you are NOT to make another account unless you are permitted to do so only by me. Once you are banned you are welcome to make a new account as long as you follow the rules. The most severe punishment is the permenant I.P. banning and contact to your Internet Service Provided (ISP) and I will inform them to disconnent your internet and inform you for online offenses. Please don't take it that far.

Enjoy the Forum,


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