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Pre-Competition Diet
This will cover what you should eat and drink the day before and on the morning.

Carbohydrates has been seen as something to load on for a runner. However carbohydrates for a 100m/200m sprinter haven't been proven really to make you faster or provide more speed endurance.

I find carbos are actually good to eat, because they provide more energy for your muscles to be able to operate a little better with all the warming up and cooling down that you have to do during the day of the meet.

Carbo loading doesn't have to be done endruance style at all.

For sprinters I reccomend just eating the carbohydrates, and now a good list for this:

other grain products

Spaghetti is the number one food to eat as your dinner the night before.

Breakfast should have cereal and bread.

Lunch should have rice and some bread along with foods with higher calories.

Remember the day before you want to eat as much as possible.

Fatty foods, foods with high fibre (fruits and vegetables), foods with gas (beans or lots of meat) all should be avoided and/or minimized just for this day. Fruit juice should be drank only at half a glass and that should be it all for fruits.


Water is perhaps even more important than carbos the day before. It keeps you hydrated to the maximum. A bottle should be carried and 3 bottles should be drank through the day.

Tea and/or coffee should be drunk twice during the day if you are a regular tea/coffe drinker. If not, stay away from caffeine until the next morning.

A good glass of milk and a glass of fruit juice along with a glass of protein shake is essential to drink during the day as well.

Walk around a lot and stretch before eating and to make yourself more thirsty, don't nap and sit around the entire day, or you wont have an appetite.


On the day of the competition, your morning breakfast is of course the most important part.

Breakfast should consist of 2 glasses of coffee, this is a arguement for some other time, however caffiene is very useful. A good bowl of cereal or one fried egg with bread should be eaten along with a little cereal.


One food for energy and good boost, is honey. Eat this on bread and some on its own. Eat as much as you can, in fact carry a small sandwhich on the day there, and eat the honey sandwhich until you get there.


Any pre race meal should be ate at least 2 hours before, which should consist of something sandwhich size which is not any type of heavy meat or anything. Generally more calories and carbohydrates is best, no food containing fibre or gas.

A snack can be ate 45 minutes before depending on size, even 30 minutes later on in the day is fine.

Follow these dieting information and you will find yourself among the most energetic people at the meet if not the most energetic, ofcourse your diet is in the air if you don't sleep well!

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